In order for makeup to look good, the skin must too as they compliment each other; otherwise your face will look cakey.  Did you really think Jay Lo's glowy perfect skin is just a result of makeup magic? No, she actually has great skin, so makeup on top looks even better! I can't stress the importance of skincare enough, it is essential to looking young and healthy.  I want to delay wrinkles and spots from appearing on my face as much as possible and I assume every woman does too. I'm hitting the big 30 in exactly a week and I am starting to freak out on how much my skin could change in the next decade :/ I am no esthetician, but I do know a thing or two about skincare from makeup school and personal experience, so I figured I'd share this bit of info for those who are not in the loop. It’s pretty easy to obtain a great complexion; you simply need to invest in good quality products and dedicate to a quick daily routine. Everybody now a days wants to look great, so the faster you start taking care of your skin, the better it will look in time. The goal is to age like fine wine ladies!

Here are ten basic skincare steps you need to know & follow in order to have radiant skin:

1. Cleanse- Make sure to wash your face with a specific cleanser for your skin type in the morning and night, do not use body soap on your face as they contain ingredients not suited for the face  and can be harsh and drying. 

Make sure to remove all your makeup before hand. NEVER go to sleep with makeup on as it clogs your pores and produces pimples. 

Cleansing machines such as the Clarisonic or Neutrogena's Wave Power are great tools to utilize because they cleanse your face much better and faster. The strength these facial tools have is amazing! They remove twice as much dirt and six times more makeup than you would with manual cleansing; therefore leaving you with smoother, cleaner and even toned skin. But if you can't afford these, try to buy a facial brush which is really inexpensive (around $3-6).

2. Tone- Toner is a liquid cleanser used after washing your face and before moisturizing. It is not necessary, but some feel cleaner and tighter skin after using it is optional. Toners help completely cleanse your skin, refreshes and helps diminish large pores and mattifies the skin. It removes any dirt or makeup that could have been left behind after washing. People with oily skin should use astringents as it is a harsher toner; therefore it absorbs oils much better.

3. Moisturize- Your skin needs to be hydrated 24/7 as it eliminates moisture throughout the day naturally. Be sure to moisturize on cleansed skin every morning and night with a cream specific for your skin type- dry, oily, combination skin, anti-aging, acne prone, etc. To avoid applying too much product, dab 5 spots of lotion on your face:  cheeks, forehead, nose and chin; then blend with soft massaging circular motions. If you skip moisturizing, you will have dry, flaky skin which is what causes premature aging. Even oily skin needs to be moisturized, but with an adequate product which will not cause it to build more oil.

 Please DO NOT use body lotion on your face! Your face has thin, sensitive layers which need other type of nutrients and care than your body does. Plus, you can develop acne or allergies of some sort sometimes due to this.

Helpful tip: Wait 15 minutes for your moisturizer to be fully absorbed before applying your makeup.

4. Eye cream- The eye area is the most sensitive of all due to its thin layer of tissues. That is why it is important to keep this area moisturized twice a day as well, but with a cream specifically designated for eyes...face creams will not work.  Apply tiny dots around the contour of your eye area and pat with your ring finger as it is the finger you have less strength with. If you have wrinkles or want to prevent fine lines, use an anti-aging formula; otherwise you just need a hydrating one. 

5. Wear SPF- You all now UVA and UVB rays are damaging to skin causing spots and wrinkles. So to prevent this, apply an SPF of at least 15 (30-50 is recommended) before you moisturize. Most face lotions now include SPF, so you kill two birds with one stone this way. And obviously, try to stay away from the sun as much as possible. If you must sun bathe, always have SPF on your face and body of 30; and if you must be tanned all year long, please go get a spray tan (no tanning bed's as they are linked to causing skin cancer). Also remember to let your sunblock sink in for about 20 minutes before going outside; otherwise you are not fully protected from sun rays. Eucerin even has a daily body lotion with SPF15 which is approved by the American Cancer Association. They have great face, body creams and sunblocks as well; even mattifying ones (not greasy or shiny). For those who have not heard of this brand, it is a great, inexpensive and dermatologist recommended brand that can be found internationally at drugstores and supermarkets.

6. Serums- Serums are always applied before your moisturizer and they help to moisturize the skin even more. They come in a clear liquid form and target different skin issues such as fine line, wrinkles, dark spots, acne and uneven skin tone. Most of these are to be applied at night time, which is where your skin needs the most moisture. Serums contain smaller molecules than creams; therefore they penetrate all three layers of your skin as opposed to creams which only target the first layer due to its larger molecule formulas.

7. Facial treatments- Try using a clay mask to deep clean your skin once a week as makeup and free radicals really take a toll on your skin. Also exfoliate with a scrub once every week or two (depending on how thick and oily your skin is) to eliminate dead skin cells. You can also exfoliate while you cleanse sometimes  (for those of you in a hurry) with a facial buffer sponge. If you can hit a spa for a facial or special treatment, that's even better! But if not, there are plenty of inexpensive treatments you can buy and use conveniently at home. 

8. Eat healthy- Overall health comes from the inside out, so having healthy eating habits will only help you look better physically. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods as much as possible. 

9. Exercise-  Not only will exercise de-stress you and make you look better, but it will promote increased circulation which helps deliver nutrients to your skin cells much faster and eliminate toxins. Believe it or not, it also reduces acne. Although you sweat while exercising, that is actually a good thing. Sweat helps your clean out your pores and helps remove harmful chemicals that are stored deep inside them.

10. Sleep- Obtaining at least 8 hours of sleep is key to maintaining a fresh and “awake” look; otherwise you will just look puffy and tired. Not receiving the right amount of sleep does contribute to the aging process, so you want to truly respect your sleeping schedule.

These are the key points to maintaining healthy skin, regardless of what age bracket you are in. It might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but trust me; with practice you will make this a habit and enjoy the fabulous results. I hope this was helpful and that you follow these tips to having the best skin ever! Good luck :-)

I did it!!!

  Well, I finally built up the courage to create a blog after thinking about it for months. It is a scary thing to do silly as it sounds.  I have had tons of ideas for a blog in the past, and all of a sudden I am now literally frozen in front of my laptop.... talk about writer's block! I guess the idea of someone eventually coming across your blog and reading your thoughts and opinions is kinda scary because you are putting yourself completely out there, hoping someone takes a liking in what you do. Regardless of having followers or not, I am doing this for me as a creative outlet; and if someone happens to like my blog, then that's even better. I really have to thank my boyfriend for encouraging me to do this and being such an  inspiration, he is awesome! 

  As a makeup artist, I thought I'd share my love for makeup and life with anyone willing to read me. I think if I can at least help someone feel prettier and better about themselves with a makeup look, this blog was worth creating. In it I'll be posting makeup tutorials, product reviews, anything beauty related really. So if there is anything you want to learn about, let me know so I can blog about it! Thanks for reading me and please subscribe for future beauty news :-)