411 on CC Creams

There's a new hype in the beauty industry and it comes from the Asian makers of BB creams...CC creams! CC cream stands for color correcting cream and it is basically a BB cream filled with loads more anti-aging ingredients and better coverage. These were introduced by the Asian market mid year and have just hit the states last month. Top ones raved about so far are from Chanel (only sold in Asia) and Rachel K. Being so new to the market, they are still hard to come by; but I am sure they will become readily available in 2013. Olay has just released one to drugstores in October in the USA which is very inexpensive.

411 on CC Creams

- Corrects any pigmentation issues, age spots, scars, blemishes
- Is oil free and has lighter texture than BB cream
- Longer wearing 
- Contains more skin nourishing ingredients, vitamin E and anti-oxidants to help with aging
- Has higher SPF of 50
- Contains whitening agents to diminish age spots
- Fuller coverage than BB cream, yet still lighter than a foundation
- Best on sensitive/oily skin
- Not available in many shades yet (3 so far)
- Retail price from drugstore to high end $21-80

  It's no surprise Asian women have great skin, as they have access to the latest technology in cosmetics. Being one step ahead of the game really helps in having the best variety and results in beauty products.  Asians have excellent skin care and take their overall health very seriously. They keep away from the sun, use an umbrella when outdoors,  eat healthy and all this reflects in young looking, even toned, bright skin. If we'd follow in their foot steps and were more disciplined with our skin regimen, our skin would reflect this and look fantastic as well. But it's never too late to start caring for your skin; as they say... better late then never ;) 


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