Makeup for Brunettes

  Many gorgeous brunettes have a hard time knowing what makeup styles look best on them; especially those with tanned skin and  brown eyes. If you want to know what colors and makeup trends you can pull off with your exotic beauty, keep on reading.

  First of all,  always make sure your skin looks great. This means covering any dark circles, pimples and spots with concealer and foundation. Tanned skins have a yellow undertone, so it's important to cover any imperfections and balance this yellowness using other colors on the rest of the face.

These are the colors which best compliment your features:

Eyeshadow: Gold, purple, dark peach, browns, dark greys, taupes and blues.

Blush: Dark pink, dark peach, soft brown, terracotta, rose and bronze.

Lips: Medium pinks, berry, red, brown infused shades (nude brown, pink brown).
 Try a smokey brown or taupe eye with pale blush and nude lips for a sexy look. The warmth of the neutral eye shadow will bring out the brown in your eyes. This makeup can be suitable for day or night, depending on your personality.
 This is more of a night time look and it looks beautiful on exotic brunettes. Dark lips are very bold, so you have to wear soft eyes and cheeks. Apply gold and/or bronze eye shadow along with a soft brown or dark peach blush to tone this look down.
 If red is too much for you, try a berry lip as it is a bit softer; fuchsia looks great too! Pair it with nude eyes and heavy black eyeliner and mascara.

 Never feel restricted with makeup styles for your type of beauty, as there are tons of options out there that will make you look even prettier than you already are :) 


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